Library of Things

Hawkins Memorial Library has a variety of items, besides books, that are available for check out. Take a look and see what we have to offer. Many materials in our Library of Things are quipment that are only needed periodically. And if you are looking for something and do not see it listed here, call and ask. Our list of things is limited, because our space is limited. The length of loan time varies by item. 


    DVDs.jpg    DVDs

Why rent or buy movies when you can borrow them from the library? We have more than 4,000 title choices available to loan for a week.


audiobooks 3 ok.jpegAudiobooks - one of the greatest gifts to lifelong learners.

Here are six reasons why you should get started listening today:

1. You can read without the physical process of reading:  Audiobooks provide a nice break from physically reading. Instead, someone reads to you. It requires a different type of focus that is often easier to find.

2. There is so much commute time during the day:  Audiobooks can fill the dead space with something interesting and productive.

3. You will never need a dull moment: Not much is lost in waiting an extra 15 minutes when that time was spent doing something that you enjoy.

4. You will tremendously accelerate your learning: By venturing into audiobooks, you will be able to read many more books. Taking advantage of all of that dead time will teach you a great deal.

5. It will give you more to talk about with others: Frequent readers know more about the world and tend to be more interesting. Listening to audiobooks can actually make you more social, and make you appear more smart and ambitious to those around you.

6. Books are one of the greatest treasures we have: One of the best sources to develop your understanding of the world is in books.

Audiobooks will, ultimately, help you read more - an opportunity to put wasted time to positive use which will boost your intelligence, happiness, and productivity.



backpacks.jpg     STEM Backpacks

STEM activities, books and PBS KIDS DVDs are included in each of three backpacks, with activities serving children between 3 and 8 years of age. Courtesy of Iowa Public Television, these educational backpacks can be checked out from the library. Learning themes for the backpacks are Coding Fun, Building Challenge and Pattern Puzzles.



best-board-games-for-kids-7-12.jpg      Board Games

Board games are available for checkout. All we ask is that you keep the pieces together and return the game inside the library instead of using the book drop. The library has many great games that include:

- Farkle

- Yahtzee

- Yahtzee Jr.

- Memory - My Little Pony

- Memory - Disney Princess

- Monopoly

- Monopoly Jr.

- Battleship

- Clue

- HiHo Cherry-O

- The Game of Life

- Connect 4

- Cootie

- Buckeroo

- I sy Eagle Eye

- Labytinth

- Sorry

- Checkers

- Chess

- Trouble

- Chinese Checkers

- Guess Who?

- Scrabble Jr.

- Chutes & Ladders

- Jenga

- Mexican Train Dominos

- Double Six Dominos

- Cards Against Humanity Family Edition




games outdoor (2).jpg       Yard Games

Check out  yard games from the library. Use them indoors or outdoors for active fun.

Games available include:

-    Connect 4

-    Ring Toss

-    Tumble Tower

-    Horseshoes

-    Lawn Darts

-    Ladder Toss

-    Giant Funnel Pong

-    Bean Bag Toss

-    Checkers

-    Dominos

-    Wooden 4 in a Row


The library would be thrilled to add games you are not using to our collection.



puzzles 1.jpeg     Puzzles

Patrons can check out jigsaw puzzles for adults and children from the library. This is good news for those of you that dash through puzzles – it will give you more choices. And if you have puzzles at home you are done with, please consider donating them to the library’s collection.


DVD player.jpeg     DVD Player

A portable laptop style DVD player can make individual movie viewing more convenient. This player will also work in a vehicle when traveling.



tracer projector.jpg     Tracer Projector


Have a project you need enlarged? If you have an open wall you can project your picture to trace the size needed.



CD Player.jpeg     Portable CD Player

If you have a music CD or audiobook you'd like to listen to, this is your equipment solution!


tablets 5.20.jpg     Tablets

The library has Kindle Fire tablets for in-facility use only. Tablets may be checked out by registered borrowers.